Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring--New Life, New Knowledge

Welcome to this new edition of Ask A Vampire, the place where readers can ask anything they want about real vampires and we try our best to give good answers.

We've been busy establishing Vampires Revamped, the website for Vampgeist Creative Media.  Basically we're working with a huge educational and informational movement to help the real vampire community be better understood by the outside world.

But there are always a few questions that aren't getting answered by other means, and these we'll tackle right now.  As usual, the questions are presented exactly how we have received them.

according to your answers you're not different
from human beings, so why call yourselves vampires?

Surely you have had some kind of name or title for yourself at some point in your life.  Lots of people do it, whether it's a religion or a political party or a certain fandom.

For us, human beings and vampires are one and the same thing.  But the term "vampire" is a way of identifying ourselves as part of a larger community.  This community is bound together by various means--the vampire myth, the vampire aesthetic, even a common feeling and understanding that is personified by the vampire.

So why do we call ourselves vampires?  We ARE vampires in a modern metaphysical sense, and by calling ourselves vampires we can meet and identify with others who share the community.

Is ther vampir in Serbia?
To the best of our knowledge, there are vampires all over the world, but not the kind you should fear.
how do you become a vampire??? 
We're not sure you can.  Studies have suggested that one is born with vampiric tendencies and sensitivities, which the person embraces in a time we call the awakening.
Someone might want to spend some time in self-reflection to see if they can find the vampire within.
umm i am a vampire this is 100% true i was infact born this way im not sure wat kinda i am yet psi or wat can u help me with that and i need to have a privet convorsation with one of you just a privet question thats all plz hear me out on this
There are many vampires online who would be more than willing to talk with you, provided you were polite and asked in a civil manner.  A simple web search will bring you to many of these vampires.  Of course if you want to write to us, why not do it?
ive been wondering for a while if your a vampire can u live on animal blood instead of human blood 
Vampires do not need blood at all in order to exist.
do vampires kidnap people for a drink? if so i have to say awsome"  i wish i could meet avampire ...but ...idk well..bai~~~:3
The last we checked, real vampires aren't much for breaking laws or harming other people.


Vampire said...

What an interesting post and site. I don't believe I'm a vampire myself since I love spending time in the sun (...something about the warmth), but I do have the utmost respect for the culture. I'm interested in learning what differences there are between the vampire myth and real vampires.

Anonymous said...

what websites can you find real vampires who are willing to turn you! I am willing to do about any thing i know a lot about vampires and i studied up on the supernatural and i know the two types of vampires but i kind of want to be the vampire that are allowed to have sex!

kallie gravenor said...

I would also want to know how to turn. Im want to do it.

Aretha Richardson said...

I love vampire movies and the handsome long hair darkness in the men that protray the part is there such an individual I would love to meet

terry maynard said...

Would love to be a vamp were can I been turned?

Anam Shaikh said...

Hi. This is anam,
I read d stuff it was fascinating. After reading this I have decided to change my self into vampire. But I need Ur help.i really want to change. Please contact me asap. Waiting for Ur reply.

Kathleen Lewis said...

can you actually talk to somebody

Sandy Beach said...

Is there anyone left? I am here now. All the blogs, websites, meeting houses, coffee shops are empty. I am leaving messages everywhere. The Oracle & Black Knight.theoracle_blacknight@yahoo.com