Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The First Post--What's Up, What's Here, What's Going On?

How you have come to arrive here is not as important as the fact that you are here now, and we welcome you.

"Ask A Vampire" has come about as a result of endless Internet discussions and e-mails asking some very basic questions about vampires--that is, real vampires. Believe what you want, but vampires are indeed well and might be living right in your own area.

We've noticed that we tend to get many of the same questions over and over again. So let's get some madness out of the way.

1) We do not think we are immortal.

2) We do not start to smolder and burn in sunlight.

3) We do not have natural fangs.

4) We do not sleep in coffins.

5) No one can teach you a rote form of vampirism. You must learn it through your own experiences.

6) Learn what you can. Choose what does and does not suit you.

7) We did not suddenly possess any kind of super powers, unless you count the ability to play with energy which in and of itself might be considered a super power.

8) We're not immune from disease.

9) We were not blessed with instant sex appeal.

So now that we've had your say, it's time for you to give us yours! Use the e-mail or the form link to the right to send us a question. Questions will be answered as posts roughly on a weekly basis. Please be sure to tell us whether you want your identity to be revealed or not.